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  • How Does Evidence Get Tossed Out of Court?

Many clients ask "how does evidence get tossed out of court?" At trial, your criminal defense lawyer may challenge the evidence against you through the cross-examination of theRead Article →

How does the criminal defense attorney obtain funds to pay experts in a criminal case? More specifically, when a defense lawyer needs expert assistance and the client cannotRead Article →

Last month we introduced the Read Article →

Successfully summoning an out-of-state witness to testify in Texas is a chore. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 24.28 is entitled Uniform Act to Secure Attendance of Witnesses fromRead Article →

In a contested bond revocation hearing, not long ago, the State attempted to admit scientific evidence our client violated a restricted zone using global positioning system (GPS) evidence. They...

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Batson v. Kentucky is again front and center in the United States Supreme Court. On May 26, 2015 the Court granted certiorari in Read Article →

The United States Constitution guarantees our right to a jury trial in both the original document and the Bill of Rights.1 The same right is further guaranteed by our TexasRead Article →

The perfect cross examination is there. Somewhere to be discovered, perhaps? Better yet - waiting to be built. We recognize its appearance, though. It is crisp and it's clean. Short <...

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The DWI blood test case is becoming the stock-in-trade of many law enforcement agencies across the state. Whether it's a sample provided voluntarily after arrest, or obtained via search warrant following a refusal, defendingRead Article →

Anticipation is one of the defense lawyer's most effective tools when championing a client's criminal case. Prosecutors also get trained to anticipate us. Following are prosecutor publications written to help them anticipate ourRead Article →