Drug Crimes Involving Ecstasy

The possession or use of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy and sometimes called XTC, X, E, or Molly, can lead to serious consequences. If you’ve been charged with the possession of this drug, you face the potential for jail time, steep fines, and a mark on your criminal background. The criminal justice system can be overwhelming, but with the help of an experienced ecstasy defense attorney you can take steps to defend your future.

MDMA is extremely popular due to its creation of intense feelings of euphoria in the user. However, it is extremely addictive and can potentially cause serious health problems. Penalties for crimes involving ecstasy can be very steep in our state, and vary depending on the quantity of the drug found and the specific crime committed. For example, a person charged with simple ecstasy possession will likely face a smaller penalty than one caught distributing, or intending to distribute the drug. Charges involving trafficking can result in a person spending years in state prison.

Have You Been Arrested for Ecstasy Possession in Brazos County?

The possession of an illegal drug is defined as an individual knowingly in care, custody, control, or management of the substance. That means a person must intend to possess the drug and know they have it. Even if it’s not physically on your person you can still be charged with possession if the drug can be proven to be in your charge, such as in a suitcase or your glove-box.

If you have been arrested for an ecstasy-related crime you are facing very serious charges. It’s to your benefit to contact a Bryan-College Station drug crimes attorney immediately. We will review your charges in detail to build a defense optimized to secure a possible beneficial outcome to your case.

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We are dedicated to providing personalized, one-on-one, legal service to persons charged with drug crimes in Bryan-College Station. We understand those charged with such crimes are in dire need of help. Don’t go down without a fight! If we decide to accept representation in your case, rest assured you will have an experienced lawyer on your side, fully prepared to go the distance to defend your legal rights. Our goal is to assist you and increase your chances of a successful resolution of the case. Contact us right away if you have been charged with a crime involving ecstasy and we will fight diligently to get your charges dropped.


If you have been charged ecstasy possession or distribution, contact a Brazos County Ecstasy drug crimes lawyer right away for help in your case.