Child Molestation Accusations are Life Changing

In an ugly world, even the most innocent of touches or gestures may seem criminal in the eyes of another. If someone claims you have sexually molested a child, you need immediate help from an experienced legal professional who knows the ropes regarding this offense. The ramifications of conviction include, not only severe legal penalties, but a stain to your reputation that may never go away. People will look at you differently. Old friends will pull away and new friends will not want you anywhere near their children. If you are convicted and go to prison, you will be considered as the worst of many in a place already housing society’s wrongdoers.

Are You Under Investigation for Molesting a Child in Bryan-College Station?

The most important thing you can do when under investigation is REMAIN ABSOLUTELY SILENT! This means you don’t talk to the police, your family, child protective services, or anyone else. We know what’s at stake. If you reach to us for help, and if we decide to accept representation in your case, rest assured we will do everything in our power to keep the worst from happening to you. We will fight against prosecutors who want to convict you, whether you’re guilty or not. You need focused legal assistance.

Molesting a child is a crime involving sexual or inappropriate contact between an adult and a child. Commonly referred to as pedophilia, child abuse or child rape, molestation is a serious crime. Texas has several laws that apply to molestation cases, all of which provide for criminal penalties for any violator. Texas law deals with child molestation in terms of sexual abuse or sexual conduct or indecency with a child. The law considers anyone younger than the age of 17 a child, though more significant penalties can apply if the child is younger. For example, Texas Penal Code section 21.11 criminalizes indecency with a child as sexual contact with a child and charges it as a third degree felony. Continual sexual abuse of a child, as defined in Texas Penal Code 21.02, is two or more acts of sexual contact between a person older than 17 and younger than 14, and is charged as first-degree felony.

Contact a Child Molestation Defense Attorney Immediately!

This is not something you can risk. We do not want these things to happen to you any more than you want them to happen. We thoroughly investigate the details of the incident responsible for the charges that have been brought against you. We will fight to make sure that any factor that might exonerate you is brought to the attention of prosecutors. Call us today for a consultation and to see how we can help.


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