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The crime of stalking is defined by Chapter 42.072 of the Texas Penal Code as a pattern of malicious behavior — such as repeatedly showing up at an estranged partner’s house after being told to stay away — as opposed to a one-time event. While stalking is often associated with repeatedly following or pursuing someone, stalking can also be characterized by less direct actions, such as repeatedly contacting someone through the mail, phone, or internet. In addition, stalking can take the form of unwanted gifts or messages. The pattern of behavior must cause the victim to fear for his or her safety or well-being in order to be considered stalking.

Arrested for Stalking in College Station, Texas?

Threatening behavior is the gravamen of a stalking allegation. Following is a list of the kinds of threats the law prohibits :

  • Threats can be explicit (saying you are going to kill the victim) or implied (veiled threats or hurting the family pet);
  • Threats must be aimed a a specific person, they cannot be general threats;
  • Threats may be conveyed by the stalker or by someone acting on behalf of the stalker.

Stalking charges serious criminal charges. A person convicted faces felony punishments. It’s important you obtain the help of a Brazos County criminal defense attorney you can trust to help you protect your legal rights when charged with the offense of stalking

Brazos County Stalking Defense Attorney!

There are defenses we can utilized when facing stalking charges. For example, we could argue the criminal accusations are not credible and that your accuser should not be taken seriously. We could argue your behavior would not have caused a reasonable person fear. Similarly, we could argue the activity you were participating in was protected by the Constitution or that you were protecting and exercising your legal rights.

Regardless, if you find yourself facing criminal charges like stalking, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer you can trust. At my Firm, we are proud to be client-focused and results-driven – meaning that in everything that we do, we put your needs and your best interests first and foremost. If we decide to accept representation in your case, rest assured you will have an experienced advocate on your side, fully prepared to go the distance to defend your legal rights.


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