Texas A&M Student Conduct Code

There is a rulebook called the Texas A&M Student Conduct Code. The student conduct code is, in many ways, similar to our Texas Criminal Code, but has some very significant differences. If a student is arrested on campus, and sometimes even off-campus if the case is serious enough, the University will seek to discipline them. First, the University will make allegations against the student for violating whatever section of the student code they believe evidence supports a violation. The student can face, in rare cases, expulsion or suspension from the school. The most common result, though, is called conduct review or probation. In any case, the critical aspect of our University defense is to prevent clients from saying anything to officials that might incriminate them in DWI court. Remember, everything a student says to anyone can be used against them in a court of law. Any papers they sign can be used against them. So, if a Texas A&M or Blinn College student gets into trouble on campus, they will be prosecuted by the Universities for student conduct code violations. I regularly agree to serve as legal advisor to my clients when they are prosecuted by the Texas A&M Student Conduct Code. As they go through the University discipline process, I make sure they protect themselves by remaining silent when necessary and by not signing papers that can later be subpoenaed by a State prosecutor.