Distinguishing Ourselves From the Crowd

Customer Service Sets Us Apart From Other Bryan-College Station Defense Firms

There are four things setting us apart from other DWI defense firms. First, I’ve seen just about everything in the way of criminal charges and DWI, both from a prosecutor’s point of view and from the defense during my 27 years of experience. Second is our work ethic. Since we do not accept every client who interviews with the firm, we maintain a small caseload which frees up time to invest in your case. We spend whatever time is necessary to obtain the best result possible under the circumstances. Third, my scientific education in chemistry, and my interest in science, make me well suited to DWI defense. This is especially true when cross-examining prosecutor experts, technical witnesses like nurses and phlebotomists, and when questioning property technicians. Lastly, our pure enjoyment of people and our desire to make a frightening process smoother and easier is something setting us apart. Beginning with the first person who answers the phone, all the way through case conclusion, our goal is to help the client in any way possible. We are deeply concerned about their welfare. This is what sets us apart.

High Priority on Customer Service

I set a high priority on customer service. Without excellent customer service a lawyer will not attract many clients. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours we have an answering service taking calls. For an urgent matter my service will contact me at home or locate me on my cell phone. I return those calls promptly. Further, I regularly meet with clients on the weekend, or after hours, to suit their schedule. Excellent customer service is important to me and I instill that into my staff members, as well. We know this is a stressful time for clients and we allow them to take the lead. If they need more time with us, then we make that possible. We make ourselves available at the client’s convenience for personal or phone consultations.

What is the Next Step?

Your next step is to schedule an in-person appointment with a well-qualified and experienced DWI defense attorney. There are ALR deadlines and bond conditions to sort through quickly. Counseling must be considered and mitigation opportunities identified. The sooner you have retained the DWI defense lawyer of your choice, the sooner you can begin preparing a defense against these damaging and stigmatizing charges.