What Happens After You Are Released From the Brazos County Jail?

After you leave the jail on bond, your paperwork explains little about what to do next. You’ll leave the jail with bond paperwork, the ALR statutory warning (DIC-24), and maybe a notice of suspension (DIC-25). However, once you make bail there are no court dates yet, unless you were also issued a class C.

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misdemeanor ticket. Court dates come later by standard mail. In general, people don’t have much information to work with at all. This is why it’s vital to seek out an experienced Brazos County DWI lawyer immediately to assure your rights are protected. Your attorney will make sure you don’t miss any deadlines or make any mistakes in the defense of either your ALR or DWI case.

Additional paperwork a person might leave the jail with is called conditions of bond. In an appropriate case, the magistrate judge who set bond will also set conditions of bond, like reporting monthly to a bond supervision officer, installing an interlock device in your car, submitting to a curfew, or other related restrictions. The bond conditions are very important, but sometimes difficult to understand. This is another important reason to hire legal counsel quickly to help you understand your responsibilities.

Your Brazos County DWI Lawyer Can Explain the Use Of Ignition Interlock Devices While on Bond

After installing an interlock device, each time you blow into the device to start your car, information is recorded on a computer microchip inside the interlock device, including your photograph. Once a month, you are required to have the interlock device maintained by the provider and all information recorded on the device is downloaded. That information is forwarded to the judge who ordered the interlock and to the local prosecutor. If someone is not complying with the interlock requirements, or if they are consuming alcohol and trying to start their car, then both the judge and the prosecutor will know about it. It’s critical to know that every time you blow into an interlock device, both the judge and the prosecutor will see the results. Considering the costs, it will depend upon a person’s financial means. To get the interlock device installed usually costs around $200. Then there is a monthly maintenance fee, which costs around $85, or so. Over the course of time, while the DWI is pending, it can get very expensive to maintain the interlock device as a condition of bond. Your Brazos County DWI lawyer can counsel you on other important aspects of the interlock device.