Drug Distribution Charges in Brazos County

Of the many drug-related crimes that one can be charged, distribution is one of the most serious and is punished accordingly. We have significant experience in defending such cases, as well as those that involve drug sales and drug cultivation. We have represented countless individuals in their drug-related cases over the past 25 years and we are available to provide you with aggressive help in your case. Contact a Brazos County drug crimes lawyer right away and we’ll begin working to build a defense in your case that may effectively challenge the prosecution and increase the likelihood of a positive result for your future.

Have You Been Arrested For Drug Distribution in Brazos County?

One of the primary steps when defending against drug distribution charges is exposing any constitutional rights violations that were committed against the accused. Distribution investigations frequently employ undercover agents, search warrants, or other clandestine methods. The person charged may be the victim of entrapment. An attorney can examine one’s charges to determine if this is the case, and use that information in court to the possible benefit of the accused.

The distribution of drugs can be met with heavy penalties and these penalties may increase in severity depending upon the type of drug seized. Marijuana distribution, for example, is usually penalized less harshly than distribution cases involving cocaine. Distribution of heroin or methamphetamine can carry extremely stiff penalties as these drugs are considered some of the more dangerous drugs in circulation. In many cases, one charged with distribution will be punished with large fines, probation, community service, and time spent in jail or prison. Don’t go down without a fight! If we decide to accept representation in your case, rest assured you will have an experienced advocate on your side, fully prepared to go the distance to defend your legal rights.


Contact a College Station drug distribution attorney if you have been charged with distribution and are in need of professional legal defense in a court of law.