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  • “A Toxicological Guide to Retrograde Extrapolation Cross Examination”

Prosecutors like to use it. Occasionally, we may like it, too. Retrograde extrapolation is the method by which one estimates a person's BAC at the time of driving based upon a chemical test

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Metrology is the science of measurement. The State often relies upon measurements to prove allegations against our clients. For example, the determination of breath and blood alcoholRead Article →

In a contested bond revocation hearing, not long ago, the State attempted to admit scientific evidence our client violated a restricted zone using global positioning system (GPS) evidence. They...

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We are finishing our series on defending criminal cases involving forensic evidence. The final counsel for lawyers battling prosecutors on this front is don't be afraid. Frequently, whenRead Article →

Attacking the science and technique involved in a forensics investigation can be complicated. If a forensic technique is new to you, don't attempt a challenge without the assistance of qualified forensic experts. They don't need to be a testifying expert. A consulting expert can be invaluable in hel...

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The proponent of scientific and forensic evidence typically bears the burden to show the evidence is reliable. [See Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Inc. 509 U.S. 579 (1993); Kelly v. StateRead Article →

We started our discussion about defending the forensi...

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Let's give a helping hand to young lawyers . . . those up and coming. Hard-workers looking for ways to defend difficult forensic evidence cases. Since the most satisfying reputation any lawyer can develop is one forRead Article →

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In 1999 Timothy Masters was convicted of murdering a woman he had never even met. Insisting on his innocence, Masters and his criminal defense attorney fought the charge for nearly a decade. Finally, in 2008, he was found not guilty and released from prison. The final ruling was the result of a meth...

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