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  • Using the Texas “Motion for New Trial” Like a Surgeon

On June 25, 2014, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled in Read Article →

In November 2010, former United States House Majority Leader, Tom Delay, was convicted in Travis County Texas of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. On September 19, 2013 theRead Article →

The Texas criminal defense lawyer's professional responsibility to each client regards the timely communication of plea bargain offers made by the prosecutor. When defenseRead Article →

Texas Criminal Appeals January 7, 2013

Several new appeals came into the office this year. Fortunately, my clients possessed the presence of mind to call early in the Texas appeal process to preserve as many of theirRead Article →

Several prospective clients called recently asking how they can appeal their Brazos County criminal conviction and sentence resulting from a plea bargain or an open plea to the court (a guilty plea and waiver without a punishment recommendation from the prosecutor). "With great difficulty," I said. ...

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