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  • “More Women Criminal Defense Lawyers Wanted”

From my perspective the criminal law defense profession continues to be a man's world. Based on 25 years of observation, the number of women defense lawyers at the countyRead Article →

Head Trauma Research January 8, 2013

Several years ago I tried a felony assault case to a jury in Brazos County where my client allegedly caused a teacher serious bodily injury during a struggle in the College StationRead Article →

The Plea Bargain January 7, 2013

Clients often ask whether they should plea bargain their case. Since so many prospective clients ask about the process I thought I'd post some answers to commonly asked questions regarding plea bargaining in Bryan|College Station criminal courts and the role of the criminal defense attorney. &nbs...

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The Criminal Defense Lawyer January 7, 2013

There is but one duty and one loyalty for the criminal defense attorney. That is, to defend the client with vigor and aggression - but always within the boundaries of the law. We are toRead Article →

A collateral consequence of conviction is a sanction that is not imposed expressly as part of the sentencing process. Rather, it is imposed by legislative action which creates penalties applicable by the operation of law. We looked at different aspects of collateral consequences in recent posts. Our...

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We started this series on collateral consequences of a criminal conviction here. Many problems occur after getting convicte...

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I had ideas to share with my readers about the unforeseen consequences of a Texas state felony conviction. Many problems the convicted person faces are the result of collateral consequences. A collateral consequence is a sanction that is not imposed expressly as part of the sentencing process. Rathe...

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Meth, ecstasy and cocaine possession are felony drug charges. The fines, penalties and jail time will depend upon the amount possessed. Conviction for less than a single gram ofRead Article →

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