Welcome back students! The semester should be in full swing now with Texas A&M and Blinn College students settling-in to their fall schedules. It’s a time for meeting new friends and catching-up with old ones after the long hot summer. Mid-term exams are already around the corner. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here. As you enjoy fall football, tailgate parties, and time at Northgate with friends, remember police officers from College Station, Texas A&M, and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission will be looking-out for drunk driving, public intoxication, and use of fake identification. A seemly innocent night out can result in disaster for the unwary. Please make sure you’re obeying alcohol and traffic laws to avoid trouble. Beyond this, Blinn College and Texas A&M will prosecute you for student conduct code violations related to criminal charges. University discipline can result in loss of good standing or even suspension from school. Don’t let a night of poor judgment forever affect your educational records and career. If you do find yourself in trouble, we are experienced in defending both criminal and student discipline charges.


Stephen Gustitis is a criminal defense lawyer in Bryan-College Station. He is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is also a husband, father, and retired amateur bicycle racer.


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