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If you are here, chances are you're in trouble and need the help of a good lawyer.  I know how to help . . . I've been fighting for good people with criminal charges, just like you, for over 20 years. My trusted and caring staff are prepared to take your call immediately. We're ready to meet your needs and answer your questions. Call to discuss your case with a Bryan-College Station criminal defense lawyer now. We serve Brazos County and surrounding areas in the Brazos Valley.




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Free Consultations.

Every client who interviews with the Firm deserves our personal attention. The best firms keep their case loads small to ensure each client receives high quality service. Consequently, I offer free consultations to evaluate your Bryan-College Station criminal charges. We'll spend time together examining the facts, likely defenses, and mitigation opportunities. I also want the best clients!  Clients working hard to help me get favorable results in their case. Clients who need the highest quality service they can afford.



Protecting Your Future is My Top Priority!

Promises never won a case - only solid preparation and seasoned experience get the best results. That is my commitment to each and every client . . . thorough preparation, superior customer service, and the experience of a Board Certified criminal defense lawyer committed to you.   CALL NOW  for a free consultation.


  •  "He was professional and managed to handle everything I asked of him, he took care of me and he takes care of his clients." -M.F.
  • "On top of responsiveness and guidance, there is clarity. Steve is one heck of a guy to socialize with. He is a decent honest human being who showed us trust and showed that he cared." -S.L.
  • "Pretty much there for me when I needed him, I could rely on him when I needed to speak with him. He contacted me right away, made me feel confident when I went to court." -A.P.
  • "Thankful that he got my case dismissed, I am honored and proud that I have been represented by such a qualified lawyer as Mr. Gustitis. No words are enough to show my appreciation for his hard efficient work." -A.A.
  • "First of all, I liked that when I first met Mr. Gustitis, he didn't judge me and that there showed me his professional attitude."-T.H.
  • "He made me feel relaxed, gave me no pressure, upfront. Honest about case. Took the edge off during a difficult time." -J.L.
  • "I love working with Steve. He makes me feel like I can tell him anything, without judgment. He's a friend looking out for my best interest."   -T.G.
  • "While my case was being settled, I felt a need for comfort and advice and received both from Mr. Gustitis." -R.C.



Over 20 Years Criminal Defense Experience.

I use aggressive legal tactics to obtain charge dismissals, reduced charges, and deferred adjudication for many clients. If you've been arrested for DWI, DUI, drugs, narcotics, intoxication crimes, weapons crimes, sex offenses, Internet crimes, or any felony or misdemeanor, CALL NOW for a consultation. I've defended thousands of both felony and misdemeanor charges in Brazos County, Bryan, College Station Texas and surrounding counties.


Texas Aggies and the University.

Many of our clients are Texas A&M Aggies charged with alcohol-related offenses, credit/debit card abuse, drug charges, assaults, Internet crimes, and sex-related offenses. I also advise students who are accused by the University Student Disciplinary System. As a Bryan-College Station criminal defense attorney I specialize in defending all felony and misdemeanor charges. I'm a Board Certified Criminal Law expert and a former Brazos County felony prosecutor. Board Certification means I've demonstrated exceptional skill in the areas of Criminal Trial and Appeals practice.


Bryan-College Station Attorney Profile.

What's the best way to learn about me? Visit my Criminal Defense Blog. My posts reveal much of how I think and work. I provide readers with proven ideas about criminal defense tactics and strategies. My blog is a respected platform from which we examine issues crucial to the criminal defense client. It's the first and only blog in Brazos County tailored to the specific needs of persons accused of a crime. 


Visit the Attorney Profile page to examine my credentials. See how I'm the best qualified Bryan-College Station criminal defense attorney to represent you. If you want a good lawyer, CALL NOW.  Your needs will be met with satisfaction.