Summertime at Gustitis Law can be fun as we regularly hire summer interns to help out. This year was no exception as two new interns came aboard to assist Nelda and me for the next few months. Lauren and Nicole joined our team just a few weeks ago. We are extremely pleased to have them both!

Lauren began working at the end of May. Her first day on the job was assisting me during jury selection in a misdemeanor DWI prosecution. Not only was she a valuable trial partner that day, she adroitly communicated her thoughts about the pros and cons of the potential jurors. I really appreciated her help! Lauren recently graduated from high school and will be attending Baylor University in the fall. Her principle office duties include filing and answering the phone when Nelda is busy helping other clients.

Nicole began working the first week of June after a very interesting trip to Europe with her family. Nicole attends the University of Texas and majors in history. Her special projects this summer include collaborating with me to improve our Firm website and helping me prepare for a very complicated motion to suppress hearing set later in September. She is examining hours of body-cam footage and police reports to get me ready to cross-examine the police.

Thanks to both ladies for taking time from their summers to help us better serve each and every client!


Stephen Gustitis is a criminal defense lawyer in Bryan-College Station. He is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is also a husband, father, and retired amateur bicycle racer.

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