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  • I’m Mad as Hell . . . and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore!

So yesterday I attended another Texas A&M student disciplinary hearing. My client was charged with the theft of a "bait bicycle." These bikes are strategically placed allRead Article →

Thousands of students face campus discipline courts each year at both public and private universities. Penalties range from letters of reprimand toRead Article →

My kids are teenagers now. It won't be long until all three are enrolled in college and living away from home. We prepare our kids for life absent our direct supervision but once on their own they often find themselves in trouble at school, and even worse, with law enforcement. This is where they le...

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Texas A&M Student Rights January 8, 2013

We started our look at the Texas A&M Student Conduct System

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The Texas A&M University student conduct system is designed to determine whether the University's standards of conduct have been violated. Although the student conduct system is not designed to determine criminal guilt, a student must be aware that procedures built into the system can result in ...

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