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  • “How to Use Stories to Distinguish Yourself From the Competition”

Stories are the vehicle through which criminal defense lawyers typically communicate with juries. Since the jury decides whether a defense case is persuasive or not, it must be built fromRead Article →

How do your individual attributes and professional experiences create value in the lives of other people? What qualities do you project? For what are you known for? In total, these thingsRead Article →

Criminal defense lawyers are reservoirs of credibility. We work to establish it with prosecutors, judges, and witnesses . . .  not to mention the juries who adjudge our clients' fate. With potential new clients, from the momentRead Article →

“Defense at a Premium” November 3, 2014

Providing clients the highest level of customer service is a top priority. Generally, high quality service results from the time we invest in a case and legion are the justifications for managing our caseloads accordingly. More timeRead Article →

Success lies in understanding people, understanding their need, and understanding how best to relate to them. Potential criminal clients frantically searching for legal services don't shop like they're shopping for a newRead Article →

During summer vacation my daughter is working several afternoons a week in my Bryan-College Station criminal defense office solving problems. She's a great help to me and my permanent staff.  She's filing, packing, shredding, and doing all the other menial tasks the rest of us don't have time for. ...

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Choosing a criminal lawyer for your charges can be a daunting task. Most people who find themselves in search of a criminal defense attorney are not accustomed to dealing with the law and, therefore, often don't know what to look for or what to expect from a lawyer. Many people begin their search wi...

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Lawyer Advertising January 8, 2013

For good or bad, websites, search engines, and Googlebot are facts of advertising life. If Bryan-College Station defense attorneys want to be seen - if they want to get phone calls - they must understand how the system works and use it toRead Article →

Shawn Matlock recently posted about the "The Business of Winning." He made some important points about the practical aspects of the criminal justice system including the reality of plea bargaining. Shawn stated: "There are degrees of winning, and there are degrees of losing. A win for one client is ...

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I've been practicing criminal law in College Station exclusively since 1990 and I still think hard when setting fees in criminal cases. Besides a lawyer's competence and experience the next most important issue to the client is how much the representation will cost. The fee should compensate the att...

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