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  • Steve’s First Skydive
Steve’s First Skydive October 1, 2016

Steve crossed another item off his bucket list this summer while vacationing in Port Aransas. He enjoyed his first free-fall skydiving experience along with his son, Matthew andSky-Diving at Port Aransas daughter, Libby. After some short training on the ground each were fitted with a tandem skydiving harness. They were then sandwiched into the cargo hold of a small single-engine aircraft along with their experienced tandem instructors. Once the pilot climbed above Mustang Island to an altitude of about 10,000, the instructors nudged them each out of the plane. The 30 second free-fall was exhilarating! The instructors deployed the parachutes with about a mile to go and landing was a piece-of-cake following the 3-4 minute gentle decent. The scenery was breathtaking!

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