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  • “Evaluating Anonymous Tips”

I dropped by a suppression hearing recently and listened to a prosecutor argue the merits of an anonymous tip, which they claimed justified an investigatory detention. I was puzzled. TheRead Article →

Batson v. Kentucky is again front and center in the United States Supreme Court. On May 26, 2015 the Court granted certiorari in Read Article →

Consent searches are the bane of the Bryan-College Station criminal defense attorney. Next to our client's confession, the biggest headache for defense lawyers is a consent s...

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Finally, a good Fourth Amendment search and seizure decision from the United States Supreme Court.   In Read Article →

I've received some law book publisher flyers lately selling their wares about how criminal defense attorneys can teach their clients to respond to police questioning and remain silent. OneRead Article →

Persons accused of DWI in Bryan-College Station are often subject to "conditions of bond" imposed by the judge who set bond after arrest. In cases where the person is alleged to haveRead Article →

Effective police work is necessary for an orderly and safe society. But when you are the target of an investigation it's important to understand your personal rights and responsibilities.

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Thanks to my friend, Robert Guest, for posting this. A Read Article →

On June 17, 2013 the Supreme Court of these great United States (SCOTUS) ruled a criminal suspect

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Occasionally I'll visit the Texas District & County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) website an...

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