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  • “Who Should Polygraph Our Clients?”

For young criminal defense attorneys learning the ropes, "who should polygraph my client" is a familiar question. There are limited exceptions to this rule but, generally, defense attorneys should not permit their client toRead Article →

Consent searches are the bane of the Bryan-College Station criminal defense attorney. Next to our client's confession, the biggest headache for defense lawyers is a consent s...

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I've received some law book publisher flyers lately selling their wares about how criminal defense attorneys can teach their clients to respond to police questioning and remain silent. OneRead Article →

College Station is a big university town. Each fall the population swells by 50,000 as Texas A&M Aggies flood the streets, restaurants, and apa...

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Effective police work is necessary for an orderly and safe society. But when you are the target of an investigation it's important to understand your personal rights and responsibilities.

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Police Line-Ups Unreliable January 8, 2013

Many wrongful convictions are due to mistakes made during police lineups. In these lineups, investigators present a witness with either a group of possible suspects or a series of photos and ask them to identify the perpetrator. These results are often used as evidence in court and sometimes help pu...

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Criminal defense lawyers regularly deal with possession issues in their law practices. The most common charges brought against folks in Bryan-College Station involve marijuana, controlled substances (including dangerous drugs), alcohol, and weapon charges. Read Article →

Let me preface my comments by saying any Bryan-College Station criminal defense lawyer who permits their client to take a polygraph examination administered by the Read Article →