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  • “How Might Criminal Defendants Fare With a Justice Neil M. Gorsuch?”

If confirmed by the United States Senate, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch would fill the SCOTUS vacancy left by Antonin Scalia. During his 30 years on the Court, Justice Scalia moved theRead Article →

It seems I've been dangling Off the Back lately . . . regularly advising good clients of bad news. It's been a headwind, for sure. And not something to shar...

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Our money is rarely a topic of conversation at the courthouse. We are often stoked to talk about the law . . . always primed to share details of our latest victory or penetrating cross-Read Article →

I've been remiss. Like my fellow defense attorneys I habitually keep my head buried in court appearances, case law and statutes, cross examination preparation, closing arguments, and...

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When I was prosecuting habitually barking dog cases on a 3rd-year bar card, I wondered when my fear of jury trials would ever end. That wasRead Article →

Trial lawyers are masters of disguise. They learn to shroud fear, surprise, uncertainty, and a plethora of other emotions that might damage their credibility with jurors or belie aRead Article →

Joining forces. Teaming up. Going partners. Whatever you call it, choosing a law partner can be a pivotal decision in one's career. Most criminal defense attorneys practice solo, enjoying the "lone-wolf" style of life. However, a well working partnership can enhance the lives of each partner in ways...

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Your Word Is Your Bond January 7, 2015

Trey Apffel, President of the State Bar of Texas, wrote a Read Article →

“Never Give Up” August 26, 2014

"Off the Back" is a phrase used in competitive road cycling describing a rider dropped by the lead group who, consequently, has lost the energy saving benefit of riding in the group's slipstream. Once off the back the riderRead Article →

I've tried my share of jury trials, especially those trials which went terribly bad. I've been disgusted with the jury system. I've found myself, sometimes, doubting my judgment. But as time passes I've notice that good things DORead Article →