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  • “How to Find the One Best Case for Your Client”

You reviewed the probable cause and interviewed your new client after receiving the court-appointment order. Prior to meeting the client, perhaps, you received a call from their mother whoRead Article →

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The Magic of Preparation January 4, 2013

A fellow criminal defense attorney once wrote about the art of defending people accused of crime. He eloquently noted the job of the defense lawyer was not to seek justice, but to represent the rights of the individual. I enjoyed the way he explained the job of the defense lawyer:    <...

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It's the job of the criminal defense attorney to select the one best case for the client from all the possible cases. Far too often a jumble of facts is presented by the defense lawyer, leaving it to the jury to find a case if one even exists. This method loses the emphasis of having a strong integr...

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It's the persuasive case that wins decisions from the jury. Since the jury decides whether the case is persuasive, it must be built from their point of view. The law furnishes the framework within which persuasion must takeRead Article →

Creative thinking, or brainstorming, is a learned skill for many professionals. Especially those who accumulate large quantities of information, which must be organized into a unified combination of ideas with an eyeRead Article →

Why should a potential client know how the persuasive case is built? Isn't that the criminal defense lawyer's job? Fortunately, an informed client can benefit greatly from such knowledge. It means they can be actively involved in the development of their own defense. Involved clients are often happy...

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Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi reportedly said, "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." Similarly, in the courtroom the criminal trial lawyer's credibility isn't everything . . . It IS the only thing. Without credibility a defense at...

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